Registering Students

Registering Students

Before creating an account, students will need a class code. If you have not created a class please do it now. 

Manual Registration – New User

  1. Students should navigate to or and click student login.
  2. Student will click  ‘Join class with and invite code or add class code‘. 
  3. They will then be prompted to add their name and school email and password. Good practice at this step is to get either yourself or another student to check their correct name and email is entered before clicking submit.
  4. They will now be logged into the platform.

After a student has successfully registered and created an account, that account will serve them throughout their entire school tenure. 

Students can be invited to join from the teacher console. To dop this, click students then click invite student. 

If a student has created an account using a wrong email you can check this and edit in your class list. If this is not possible please email [email protected]

Existing User

If a student has previously used the platform in a prior year, they should login to the new platform using their existing email and password. 

They have the option to reset their password directly from the login screen if necessary.

  1. Students should navigate to or and enter their email and password. 
  2. Once logged in student will add the class code.