Creating classes

Creating Classes

Before students can access any book content their teacher must create a class and share the class code.

Why create a class?

When a teacher sets up a class on sciPAD Online you create a class code with workbooks attached. When a student adds this code, their book and class dashboard will be automatically created. When a student joins a class, this will use up assigned school wide seats for the workbook being used.

You can create a class by following the instructions in the short video below:

Important information/ FAQ

No – they are reset each year, however if a student is added the next year with the same book their completion remains.

Yes, an admin can add extra teachers under the class admin menu – find this using the edit class icon.

Once a student enters your class code they will have access to all of the books you have linked to that class (if school seats remain, a warning will appear if the school does not have enough seats for a particular workbook).

Book titles can be added but not removed from a class as the seats would have been distributed to students. Please email [email protected] if you would like this to happen.

If a student changes class they will need to enter the class code for the new teacher. The existing teacher can delete the student from their class list.

If you have a special circumstance when some of the class are using different workbooks you will need to create a class for each group/workbook and have separate class codes.