New Feature Development

Teacher platform

  • Student edit/delete – LIVE please refresh page if this is not visible in class lists
  • Student last login shown on student lists – LIVE
  • Single student answer show/hide – ETA TBC (currently this is full class only)
  • Full end of topic test control for Book 1 and 2 – locking, no show multichoice answers and automated marking – ETA TBC 
  • Export student lesson work as PDF  – CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS
  • Optional after due date lesson locking. (student cannot edit answers after due date). – ETA TBC
  • Live seat count shown –  ETA TBC
  • Live lesson scroll data – CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS
  • Full completion shown in lesson view.
  • Teacher feedback on lesson for individual student – CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS
  • Improved student completion information in lesson view – ETA TBC

Student app

  • Drawing question type – ETA TBC
  • Sorting question type –  ETA TBC
  • Interactive graph module – ETA TBC
  • Current lesson live link. – CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS
  • Single play text to voice playback. 
  • Interactive quiz game modules – CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS
  • All completion shown to students in lesson view.
  • Energy graphs to be added to Junior science and PES 1.4 online content (Energy in a physical system)  – CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS

School Admin

Full teacher editing – Add/edit/remove – CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS
Full student edit – LIVE
Full schoolwide class editing – LIVE
Increase loading speed for schools over 500 students – LIVE

To request new features, please email: [email protected]