Assigning Work

Assigning Work

How to set lesson due date

  1. Navigate to your class page and open the topic you are teaching. 
  2. Click on the state button for the lesson to unlock. Here you can either set a due date or open the lesson. 
  3. The lesson will now be unlocked for your students. 

Lesson States

Lessons are locked by default. Lessons can have the following states: Open, closed or submitted. 

  • Locked – Students have no access. 
  • Open – Students have full access. This can be set with or without a due date.
  • Submitted – The student has submitted the lesson.


By default, answers are inhibited. You can manually turn these on for a whole class or individual student at topic or lesson level.

  1. Navigate to a topic.
  2. Click the slider for answers – when enabled this will show as green. This can be enabled for the entire class or a single student (if done under the class completion page). se